SNA Live

--- Ryan "GM" Lugo, Conway "C-way" Martindale, and Malik "Leek" Winn ---

Imagine the setting. Smokey. Sexy. Chic. Intellect at one end of the bar. Political garb across the way. Straight G being spit somewhere in between. Well, look no further. We bring The East Coast’s hottest cigar lounge to your digital device. Welcome to the podcast SNA Live. Hosted by 3 The Hard Way. Featuring the founders from Smoke ‘N Ashes: Ryan Lugo; Conway Martindale; and Malik Winn. Straight raw. No stones go unturned. Every topic is on the table. Nobody or nothing is exempt. And we bring the smoke and the ashes to you live and direct from our humble abode. You get the energy. You get the convo. You get the ambiance. You get it all. The SNA Live Podcast … bringing the vibe to you.

Brought to you by Ryan "GM" Lugo, Conway "C-way" Martindale, and Malik "Leek" Winn of SNA Live

Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 12: Gang Gang

    People are quick to question why young men and women get caught up in the gang culture. But do we really breakdown both the pros and cons of "set trippin"? Do we ask "why" someone joins a brotherhood or sisterhood? This episode talks about the lure of gangs with family, ...


  2. SNA Live Season 1, Episode 11: What's Beef!

    Real versus Fake Beef? Beef throughout the years have taken on a different meaning throughout time. Whether it be through music, sports, race, and politics. What's Beef? Beef back in the day versus what's beef today (you know the soap opera version) is totally different. Join us for a straight ...


  3. SNA Live Season 1, Episode 10: Black on Both Sides

    We're talking about welfare, inventions, and everything in between. There is a myth or propaganda that all black people are on welfare. However, history suggests (when you uncover the truth), that black people have been high level performers with historical inventions comparative to other ethnic groups. Join this conversation on ...


  4. Episode 9: Purple Tape … Track 9

    We're always brainstorming. We're always coming up with different ideas. Today, we're talking about the difference between creativity and throwing money at a problem. You have to have passion behind the brand, service, or product. You can build something longstanding without creativity. You will loose yourself from your business and ...


  5. SNA Live Season 1, Episode 8: Purple Tape … Track 9

    Pay attention to every detail. Covid was depressing. You needed comedy to get through it. How many comedy shows did you watch from the past? The evolution of hip hop and the culture of sharing is something special. Tune in ...